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finally friday shopgirl edition


March 3, 2017

this has been a long (in a good way) busy week. i am so grateful for the weekend, especially because i get to be shopgirl!!! the past few mornings i’ve had the hardest time getting out from under the covers even though i’ve been getting myself a full 8 hours of sleep. i think it’s this cold weather. i got too used to that warm(er) weather and now that it’s back to arctic freezing i just want to curl up in a ball.


tonight i’m going to do just that. joe and i had a visitation out in holland last night so we went out for dinner (and to captain sundae (yea it’s totally open)) so tonight i think we are just going to chill out and relax at home. i’m going to pick up some dinner and paint supplies to test out for the back entry hallway this weekend. (hoping to get that painted) then just hanging out and watching a movie. i need to let my brain unwind.

saturday morning i’m off to be shopgirl for the day. i’m excited that the sun is supposed to be out and it’s supposed to be a little warmer. after work i might do a little shopping myself. i’m in need of some new clothes..again. not a lot just a few things for work. i’m also on the hunt for the perfect outdoor furniture (even though I just said it’s sub zero here).

sunday morning we might try out this church we went to last weekend and then out to brunch. i signed up for another bee class (the second level) sunday afternoon so I have that going for me lol. Don’t tell joe but i’ve already purchased all my bee equipment for the spring. they are savage little creatures by the way. the queen kills all the other female bees so she stays queen bae. once she shows signs of slowing down the other bees close in on her and kill her and then a new queen rises from the larve she didn’t kill. it’s  a cruel savage world in there but i need them for my garden (and honey for my breakfast).

i figure why not add one more hobby?

happy weekend friends! if you are in town come and visit me at the found cottage 🙂


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Abby is a wife and mother, antique shopper, entrepreneur, gardener, sheep lady, sequin enthusiast and your Midwest Martha Stewart Wannabe.. Follow her on instagram @adventuresinabbyland.

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