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baby boy sale at janie and jack


January 28, 2019

when i was pregnant i didn’t really hope for one gender over another. growing up i always wanted a girl but honestly once i was pregnant and started to get this gut instinct that the baby was a boy i started envisioning myself as a boy mom. i think it’s safe to say there are a ton of baby retailers that cater to the girls and it can sometimes be a bit hard to find really cute boy clothes that don’t have bingo and rolly all over them. although we love bingo and rolly in this house. but to find super cute and affordable boy clothes can by difficult. early on when otto was just a few months old i listed some of my favorite sources to shop here. but now that he is older and tearing through clothes mostly on his behind i have become a bit resourceful in my purchasing. i watch for sales and buy for the next year/stage.

i bought ottos winter jacket last year at 70% off and just bought his coat for next year (3!) WHAT?!? just now at the janie and jack sale. all of ottos button ups, dress pants and blazers (because babies need blazers) i buy a few seasons ahead when they are on mega clearance. i stocked up on clothes for this coming summer from the remainders of last years clearance. that way when he barfs down the front i won’t be freaking out because most of the shirts are now $5.

this morning i bought him a plaid blazer for church because he is going to get baptized soon. he’s a little too old for the baptism gown thing now so I decided to dress him like a gentleman. in general i find janie and jack clothing to run a little small in the tops and jumpers and a littler larger in the waist of pants. just a heads up!

here are a few things i purchased this morning!

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  1. Lois W. says:

    I don’t think most W. MI. people are familiar with Janie and Jack. I came across them when our daughter lived in Katy, TX. What beautiful clothes they have!

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Abby is a wife and mother, antique shopper, entrepreneur, gardener, sheep lady, sequin enthusiast and your Midwest Martha Stewart Wannabe.. Follow her on instagram @adventuresinabbyland.

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